Useful Hacking Series Episode 3

Please join us for Episode 3 in the series of in-depth IT security webinars presented by World-Renowned Security Expert and Hacker Paula Januszkiewicz on Feb 25, 2016 at 1:00 PM EST.

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Hello Security Enthusiasts!
In the third webinar of the 20 Episodes series, Paula will share with you the top useful tips used during her security audits. The goal of the series is to go beyond the major supporting tools presented for everyday administrative tasks, and to feel encouraged in experimenting or creating your own solutions while having fun with technology. This is “Hacking” for the good guys. Enjoy!

Episode 3: Network Sniffing – Useful Techniques
Sniffing, is in practice: capturing, decoding, inspecting and interpreting anything you can find inside a network packet. How is this done? Is it possible to sniff the network with the build in Windows mechanisms and tools? In this webinar, watch Paula in action, delivering these very network sniffing techniques! True to its nature, the TCP/IP protocol only ensures that a packet is constructed and reliably delivered. It does not by default have mechanisms to ensure data security. In the webinar, Paula shows how to perfectly create the very conditions for spoofing. All you need to know about sniffing and spoofing in a 10 minute coffee break!

At the end of the webinar, there will be time for questions open to all covering everything discussed.

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