CQURE Academy Workshop: Public Key Infrastructure Management

Dear Security Enthusiast,

My name is Kenneth Wong and I am the US Regional Director of CQURE and wanted to reach out to give you some information regarding one of our most popular and anticipated workshops: Masterclass: Public Key Infrastructure Management. This 5‐day course is considered essential for anyone who would like to expand their knowledge about ways how certificates can be used in the enterprise, how to implement and manage Public Key Infrastructure according to the best practices and how to avoid typical mistakes that can cause a lot of trouble in certificate management lifecycle. It is super practical as certificates are used in every company!

At the end of the Masterclass you will:

  • Know how to evaluate and select appropriate PKI technologies
  • Understand the benefits of certificates used in the infrastructure
  • Know how to install and configure PKI environments according to the best practices taken from practical experience from hundreds or our projects
  • Know how to choose the right architecture, infrastructure, and practices for PKI implementation
  • Know how to manage the certificate lifecycle
  • Adjust PKI to your business needs
  • Become familiar with advanced PKI settings and implementations

*Discounts available for multiple attendees — Please email info@cqure.us for more information regarding the offers and the agenda.