CQURE Team is providing consultantation within security architecture design and configuration. Our services are world-renown and we can proudly say that as a small team we have a total of 101 years of experience in the security field! We are always happy to share this experience with our Customers and spend as much time as needed to bring their infrastructure security to the next level.

Our passion makes us natural hard workers devoted to solving problems that we really like to solve!

Within our consultantation services our favorite is Penetration Tests! From the organizational side – it is important how an organization gathers, stores and processes different kinds of information. We believe that all points of entry are extremely critical especially to IT systems that process production data. Penetration tests may be also recognized as IT Security audits which is by design less invasive and more focused on compliance.

Use our penetration testing as a testing method on the regular basis or as a one-time project. We think that in both cases it is a great opportunity to verify the current level of security and establish necessary needs. Every penetration test contains recommendations for secure configurations of particular solutions.

Areas that are commonly tested are:

  1. Infrastructure (firewalls, routers, systems, web servers, databases, application servers, etc.)
  2. Applications (web-based applications, web services, etc.)
  3. Post incident analysis


Phases in the overall Penetration Testing project are:

  1. Organization and project planning
  2. Project vision creation
  3. Information gathering – fingerprinting and enumeration
  4. External penetration testing
  5. Internal auditing (configuration check / security audit / vulnerability mapping and exploitation)
  6. Training, documentation, summary meeting
  7. Optional: applying requested configuration changes

Our real live experiences have allowed us work out the applicable testing methodology that requires a solid understanding of the security profile of the targets. We are proud to say that our penetration tests are equally important for those who need to test, defend, or perform a risk assessment of their infrastructure.

The exciting thing about penetration tests is that every project is unique If you want us to build the testing program custom to your infrastructure, we will ask you to provide more details about what areas you want to have tested. Please do not hesitate and give us this information – we really want to be as efficient as possible!

One of our consultantation services is hardening! So you have achieved a high level of network functionality: the ‘working’ level. Your users are happy and everything looks fine… but… There are still many things you can do to your IT infrastructure that won’t change the functionality yet increase the level of security. Hardening delivered by CQURE includes: server hardening, infrastructure services hardening, network infrastructure hardening and Internet services hardening. After delivering so many penetration tests and implementing so many solutions we know what works and what impacts security in production environments. Administrators appreciate these projects, as they can be very inspiring and useful. We discuss all the tips and tricks that when implemented are crucial for the security level in the infrastructure.

In the end, we are providing consultantation on what we call in our Team: security maturity evaluation. Within this service we would like to have a look at your architecture design. We truly believe that you are using great products, but we are also aware that all these products have their own dependencies and how they work may impact other products. Let’s sit together and talk about your implementation plans and current design. The word overlook does not exist in our dictionary!

Penetration test may be also recognized as IT Security audit, which is by design less invasive and more focused on compliance. Book the date!