Security Consulting

Security consulting:

The protection of information and corporate resources are an essential element of business strategy and represents a competitive advantage in today’s economy. Given the real threat to local and global incidents – such as industrial espionage, cyber-terrorism, crime and illegal trade of electronic data; appropriate procedures for access to information and data protection, IT systems and infrastructure are becoming a key area of concern, ranging from small to enterprise-level companies.

Safety is a balance between the level of security and comfort. For every entity this line has a different offset – users expect security, however what is more important for them is their comfort. Furthermore some of IT wants the security, at the same trying to understand this comfort. The existing IT infrastructure often does not meet those expectations and leaves much to be desired. As a result sometimes the balance line is moved in the wrong direction, and this leads to various types of violation. Not the best state of security solutions with which we meet in our work is very often the result of unawareness or negligence together with lack of modifications.

To meet the needs created by new technologies and growing expectations of our Customers CQURE provides high-profile, in-depth Security Consulting. From our over 100-year team’s experience we know that the key to obtain adequate infrastructure for current and future needs and requirements is a thorough analysis of the existing situation and formulating relevant target specifications and future requirements and expectations.

As part of our consulting services focused on IT Infrastructure Management and Security, we offer help in reducing operating costs and infrastructure development that will enable efficient and flexible response to emerging changes. In this way, we provide the necessary maintenance of Business Continuity in your company.

Key activities within our scope:

  • Multifaceted IT Security audits of existing infrastructure (external, internal)
  • Configuration review for network and server infrastructure
  • Web Penetration Tests for websites created using different technologies
  • “Can hacker get in” project – strictly focused on getting into the infrastructure
  • Consultancy, design and implementation of security related projects, like ADFS, AD, network infrastructure (for example IPv6) Exchange, Lync,
  • Consultancy in the field of IT security policy
  • Advice on the procedures for access and circulation of information
  • Consultancy in the field of technical security architecture
  • Consultancy of projects and implementation of critical infrastructure
  • Needs analysis for IT / security

Other services:

  • Assist in the development of technical specifications for the construction / infrastructure revitalization
  • Assistance in defining IT projects objectives and prioritization of IT infrastructure
  • Assistance in preparing the plan and timetable for selecting skills and suppliers for projects
  • An overview of the development of IT corporate strategy and defining business conditions for new security systems
  • Environment overview and definition of the technical conditions for new security systems
  • Assistance in the development of targeted business processes in the areas of business
  • Preparation of functional requirements specification
  • Assistance in the preparation of a long and a short list of systems / changes
  • Support the bid selection process – the development of criteria for the selection of the supplier and the system, help in evaluating proposals and systems, keeping records of the tender committee
  • Support for the development of the content of the IT contract with the supplier record contract negotiations
  • Assistance in the preparation of a plan and timetable for implementation
  • Assistance in the conduct of the project implementation
  • Help in the management of the project carried out (e.g. meetings of the Committee of the project, operational planning design work, supervising the project work and their coordination, management and implementation of its supplier contractual obligations, etc.),
  • Assistance in ensuring the quality of implementation works
  • Post-implementation review of the project

We will be more than happy to work out the best solution tailored to your requirements, which will allow your company to improve security infrastructure. Our specialists will develop the concept of security solutions and implement elements of the most suitable for its requirements. As part of the Security Infrastructure Management we will analyze and plan your company’s existing processes and infrastructure. An important role in the procedure of creating efficient and flexible solutions adopted by us plays high-end and high profile security infrastructure. Introducing it together with better management of the infrastructure will bring positive effects for the entire company, such as:

  • Transparent security infrastructure that allows continuous optimization
  • Less downtime during the course of business processes
  • Lower operating costs

A key element is the network security and technical infrastructure, as knowledge and business assets of the company are often derived from its environment. Security should be based on strict procedures, which protects corporate documents. To achieve a high level of security, our specialists implement best practices for analyzing business systems (e.g. tests including designing simulations constant hacking and hacker attacks, to refuse delivery of services or access violation). Next a complete security plan to protect against similar attacks in the future is defined. To ensure high standards of protection we use a number of solutions, both standard and custom made.

Architecture design

In our organization we are fully aware that ensuring the business’s security using the same conventional solutions is practically impossible. They are typically written to order and have unique vulnerabilities, which IPS security developers do not know and do not know how to deal with them. It may happen that conventional protection is not effective, therefore attacks may be just a matter of time.

In our efforts CQURE goes and extra mile. That is we provide effective protection thanks to creating dedicated solutions. Choosing the right strategy for security infrastructure is dependent on the specific requirements of the project (including application frameworks), and their existing network and security devices. CQURE experts, based on thorough analysis, will deliver the solution your company needs.

Designing process:

  • Analyzing business needs and defining vulnerabilities
  • Identifying technical, operational requirements and preventing data loss
  • Designing solution preventing future vulnerabilities and misconfigurations occurrence
  • Preparing incident handling framework and providing next steps for security operations management

This service is especially dedicated for clients who want to protect their business with the highest level of security solutions, designed just for them as a unique form of attack prevention.