Bring Order out of Chaos. Training®

Our flagship training, which led success of the brand “Bring Order out of Chaos”. Interactive and a very hands-on training, which teaches regaining control over tasks and optimizing your rhythm, to use your time better.

What makes our training special?
‘Bring Order out of Chaos’ training is a combination of business oriented training, in the field of time-management and productivity, with technological training showing how to use IT tools (like Outlook, OneNote, Windows, dedicated cloud apps) in improving your daily work and routines.
Clients praise us for focusing on the practical aspect of application of the content presented during training. Participants don’t train on made up examples but on their own matters and projects. During training every and each participant uses his own tools like computers, smartphones, calendars, etc., to accomplish the exercises. In addition, they build their own tools, which will help in increasing their productivity.
Thanks to that, participants are ready to use gained knowledge right after training, and they have a complete personal productivity system to support them in daily work. The training is led by a ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology practitioner, trained personally by David Allen (author of Getting Things Done methodology)

The scope of training
Methods, which we teach our Clients derive from found business methodologies supporting productivity of the knowledge workers. The core of the material is based on the of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology.
The material is supplemented by techniques described in the literature by Stephen R. Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective” and “First Things First”, as well as contemporary figures in the field of efficiency and effectiveness, such as Peter Drucker, Ken Blanchard, Seth Godin, Leo Babauta, Scott Belsky, Stan Slap, Kerry Gleeson, Sally McGhee.

Selected topics covered during our training:

  • What does it mean to be a professional in today’s business?
  • Chronic overwork and lack of time.
  • Successful results delivery.
  • How to use IT tools I have to my disposal to improve my performance?
  • Too many tasks and too little time.
  • Work “after hours” and on weekends.
  • Focus and procrastination.
  • Lack of time to plan our own and team’s work.
  • Ineffective meetings and teleconferences.
  • Telecommuting and mobile working.
  • Unclear and inconsistent hierarchy of objectives in the organization.
  • Management of the priorities.
  • The overwhelming e-mail communication and not responding to e-mails on time.
  • Multitasking.
  • Better use of your time.

After the training, participants:

  • Know the practical skills, methods and tools that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of today’s enterprises.
  • Know principles of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology.
  • Have a system supporting productive work, ready to use immediately after training.
  • Know how to use IT tools to improve their work.
  • Identify and optimize business perspectives and priorities.
  • Gain the clear perspective on the business situation in which they are in.
  • Know how to effectively conduct business meetings.
  • Know how to effectively manage their electronic correspondence.

Receive access to a prestigious community, “Bring Order out of Chaos Alumni”.