Greg Tworek


Greg Tworek has extensive experience on Virtualization, Security, Infrastructure and Operating System Internals. He is very smart and respected in several communities: Virtualization, Security, Clustering. He is MVP and MCT, he obtained his first Microsoft certificate in 1998. He has a lot of real live experience being consultant since 1999 to 2010, this is still his pure passion. His last interesting project was about managing virtualized environment with PowerShell and he performed a show presenting the best of the new virtualization on Windows Server 2012. He has got access to a source code of Windows, he is Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor (meaning his opinions are very valued for Microsoft and public opinion as well).

Can deliver training on: Security, Operating Systems, Windows Internals,  Internet Information Services, Virtualization Technologies and Product (Microsoft), Active Directory, Powershell and several other Microsoft Technologies.

Hobby: Security, Traveling, Good Books.